Why do your brushes have a missing bristle?

You may notice what appears to be a missing bristle, but in fact, it is a carefully placed hole to allow for proper ventilation. The air hole ensures that it dries properly, leaving you with a sanitary brush.


Where are your products made?

Vuja De products are thoughtfully designed in Los Angeles and handcrafted in Taiwan. 


What are the materials used? 

The body of the brush is made of high-grade anodized aluminum. Unlike other metal brushes, the Detangle brush is made with stainless steel bristles that resist rust. The Smooth brush is made of premium boars’ hair and nylon to ensure gentleness.  

Do you offer a professional discount?

Yes! We love to support industry professionals. Please email us at info@vujadebeaauty.com.


Do you sell to wholesale buyers?

Absolutely! Please contact our sales office at info@vujadebeauty.com.